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Baines Simmons has developed a range of staff development programmes for EASA Competent Authorities - as such we have provided recent training and consultancy support to the following national aviation authorities in Europe.

Recent training assignments

EASA - European Air Safety Authority - Courses
In 2008 Baines Simmons won a European wide tender to partner EASA with a contract to deliver a wide-ranging programme of competence development training courses for EASA Flight Operations, Airworthiness and Maintenance Inspector and manager staff at the EASA headquarters in Cologne.

These bespoke courses have been developed directly for EASA and are industry-leading in terms of their content and style and cover Regulators Audit Techniques Course, Safety Management in Aircraft Operations, Establishment of Safety Management Systems, Human Factors Activities in Aviation Maintenance Tasks, and Auditing Techniques of Human Factors Implementation in Maintenance Domain. This training also includes attendees for other EASA Competent Authorities. Feedback from the early courses has been extremely positive.

UK CAA - Flight Operations Inspector and Surveyor training
Baines Simmons continues to be selected to deliver audit techniques training to both Flight Operations Inspectors and Surveyors. To date we have trained some 150 UK CAA technical staff using our highly interactive bespoke, practical courses.

Baines Simmons Limited recently delivered a bespoke 3 day audit techniques course for the latest intake of UK CAA Regional Office Surveyors. The course examined every aspect of quality and auditing in the aviation environment and focused on gaining maximum safety benefit from the activity.

The attendees practiced all aspects of preparing and executing an audit on a locally based approved organisation. The practical audit proved to be very popular, presenting the opportunity to practice their skills in a live environment under controlled conditions.

FOCA - The Federal Office for Civil Aviation Switzerland - Audit Techniques Training
Baines Simmons has completed a series of Flight Operations and Airworthiness Inspector audit techniques training courses in Zurich. The courses followed a similar format to that used by us with UK CAA. The FOCA Flight Operations and Airworthiness Inspectors completed modules on auditing and the link to safety, quality systems, planning, interview skills and reporting. To reinforce the theory of the course, the attendees complete one-day audits at Part 145 and JAR-OPS approved organisations. To enhance the relationship between industry and the competent authority, representatives from industry also completed the courses.

HCAA - Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority Greece - Aerodrome Audit Techniques Training
We delivered an Audit Techniques training module in Athens, on behalf of the UKCAA International Services and Air EuroSafe as part of an extensive Aerodrome Inspectors training and development programme.  The course was for 10 experts from the HCAA Aerodromes Division, some of which were engaged in air-operators ground operations and third party handling agencies. We provided inspectors a range of audit techniques to ensure compliance with international standards and safe operational practices. The methodology we applied encouraged participants to audit a part of their own organisation and was viewed as being particularly beneficial to the HCAA.

Polish CAA - Maintenance Programmes and Reliability Training
Baines Simmons is delivered this unique course for the first time to the Polish Aviation Authority. The course has been developed to meet a perceived demand for training on this highly technical, specialised subject.

Portuguese CAA EASA Continued Airworthiness Regulations
We recently delivered the first of a number of combined Part M and Part 145 training packages to a mixed industry and competent authority audience in Lisbon. We have further developed this course to great acclaim and this encouraged a number of European regulatory Competent Authorities to request in-house and open courses.

Swedish CAA
The Swedish CAA has contracted Baines Simmons to deliver two specially commissioned training courses for their airworthiness inspecting staff; Human Factors and Error Management training course, and EASA Part M and 145. These EASA Competent Authority training courses are three-day, highly interactive, programmes that have been designed to develop inspecting staff competence such that they will be better prepared to measure the effectiveness of Swedish industry EASA compliance.

our clients

 "The training was excellent.- very relevant, well delivered and with the right level of challenge."

"Well structured course - allowed mistakes to be made and remembered for the future. Altogether an excellent course."

"Very well run, organised course - specifically designed around our needs, regulations. I found this more profitable than my previous internal course."

"The fact that the facilitator kept asking questions during the presentation ensured a high level of attention. A very enjoyable course."


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